Jason Stewart

Just a normal guy trying to find his way in life. Love sports, business, and the outdoors.

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A little of my life story

I was born in Tennessee but raised in Iowa. I'm a lowkey country boy who doesn't dress the part. I love being in nature and enjoying the beauty of God's creations. I love basketball. BYU is a huge part of my life and has helped me grow and learn. Loyal to my close friends.

More About Who I Am

Notable Life Experiences

High School Basketball State Champs

Basketball taught me that I had to work hard to get what I wanted. I was never the most talented but I sure worked hard.

Freshman Year in College

Going away from home helped me grow as a person, I came to love people and live on my own.

The Mission

The most difficult yet rewarding experience of my life. Two years of service to God and the people of Costa Rica.

Back to College

After being gone for two years it is hard to adjust back to "normal" life. Change is a constant and I'm learning more each day.

Find Joy in the Journey

Just remember that living life isn't all about what you do but who you spend it with. Surround yourself with great people.


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